In search of a good board member

With the resignation of Director Dan Gerken of Castle Pines, the Board is looking forward to filling his position in accordance with Colorado state statute, which states that the Board must fill his seat within 60 days of his resignation.  The last time a board member resigned was in 2010 with the resignation of Director Ryan Stuart, in district A.  He was replaced with Director Craig Richardson, who continues to hold this seat today.  The replacement process will be virtually the same for Director Gerken’s former seat.

The maps for the director districts can be found here.  Click on any district to be taken to a detailed map.  This feature has been improved since the redrawing of the Director districts in December!

Applicants who have been county residents for a year, live in District D, and are registered to vote were encouraged to apply. 

At the closing of the application period last Friday, we had received 15 names.  We are now in the process of narrowing the list to determine how many will be interviewed.  Board President John Carson has asked all of us board members to give feedback as to whom we’d like to interview.  I’m hoping to see 5 or 6 interviewees.  Interviews are scheduled to be held during the regular board meeting date and time, March 5, with a vote taken to fill the seat by March 14.  At that time, a vote will also be taken to fill the currently vacant board Vice President position.

Here is the list of applicants:
  • Christine Strang
  • Joan Brown (former education administrator)
  • George Teal
  • Michael Glowacki (former education administrator and teacher)
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Dan Coombe
  • Kevin Leung (ran against Dan Gerken in 2009)
  • Barb Wendell (worked as a paraprofessional in DCSD and the Colorado League of Charter Schools)
  • Herbert Rose
  • Dr. Carrie Mendoza (physician at Parker and Castle Rock hospitals)
  • Brant Phillips
  • Judi Reynolds (DAC recording secretary)
  • Steve Dovey
  • Randy Reed (former mayor of Castle Rock)
  • Charcie Russell (board member of Great Choice Douglas County) 


The Ingredients of Success

Last Friday I had the honor of attending the Douglas County Scouts of the Year breakfast.  Two honorees were presented with awards: Joe, a longtime Scoutmaster who has been involved with Scouting for over 50 years, and Michael, a 17-year-old Scout who has proven himself to be a young man of achievement and character.  It was great to hear of their achievements.

The guest speaker at this event was David Calvert, a wonderfully enthusiastic gentleman with a lot to say in the short time in which he had to say it.  He provided a simple formula for success.

K A S H + P = Success

Being an engineer, I love a good equation.  Mr. Calvert had a scant 20 minutes to speak, but this was plenty of time to fill us in on its meaning, with time left over to throw in a few more words of wisdom.

K is for Knowledge. You will require knowledge to achieve success in all of your endeavors.  Become an expert in your chosen field and it will provide you with the foundation you need.

A is for Attitude.  To my utter delight, Mr. Calvert broke out into song (and not for the first time) when talking about the importance of a positive attitude.  Everything, he said, is a matter of how you look at it.  People with a good attitude can spin a rainy day into something great.

S is for Skill. There is a difference between knowing how to do something, and actually having practiced doing it and becoming good at it.  Sharpen your skills, and you will contribute to your success.

H is for Habit.  Mr. Calvert spoke of discipline and forming good habits in all areas, from exercise to work practices.  The difference between doing something and doing it regularly will show over the long term.

P is for Personality. Once again, we were treated to a song.  In one breath, he advised us to dream big, plan well, work hard and smile a lot! 

Lastly, Mr. Calvert spoke this tantalizing phrase: "What I'm about to tell you will change your life forever."  Everyone in the room waited in suspense.  He relayed a quote from Cicero: "Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others."  Said another way, gratitude is the mother of all virtues.  If you thank people every time they do something nice for you, your life will be transformed; the link between gratitude and one's well-being is shown through scientific studies.

The Boy Scouts of America is an excellent organization; my husband earned his Eagle Scout rank as a teenager and still uses those skills today, speaking fondly of his time in Scouts.  I am proud to support the Scouts, both now and into the future, as they continue to help young men with life skills that will prove to be invaluable and beneficial to them.